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easy touch-ups with the

alchemy CASE

Your Alchemy belongs right here!

At Overtones, we believe your clients deserve next-level custom mixed foundation, concealers and lipstick, every time! You, even more so, deserve just having to go through this process once. We believe in going on set without having to take a huge touch-up bag and that the time you spend searching for things is valuable. We have hearing production shout at us to leave the set because we haven't finished touching up!

This palette allows you to custom-mix tones and store them until the end of the workday so you can do touch-ups easily and hygienically. Touch-up multiple people from a single palette without having to contaminate the original product or spending time re-mixing a shade.

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What does it look like?

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Using the Alchemy Case

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What's the idea?
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How should I use it?
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What is the Alchemy Case for?

We beleive all colours should be adjusted to your client's or model's needs. Sometimes foundations have to be diluted or lightened, we have to make our concealer colour for undereye circles or we have to mix lipstick shades to get to our desired result.  We do that on a palette, and it works fine!

...But then we have to going to set, and we want to throw an open-air palette into a touch-up pouch...does that sound like a disaster?

We might also feel tempted to dip our brush into our concealer containers, which would contaminate them. 

The Alchemy Case is a clear palette and it's perfect-fitting case, where you can save your concoctions for the rest of the day (or days!) on set.
It also allows you to have plenty of concealer swatches for touching up multiple models.

  • ​Palette: spacious and clear, so you can compare the shade you're mixing with the model or client in front of you. 
  • Case: You can see everything that's going on in there. To free the palette from the box, there's a hole in the bottom of the case- just push with your finger! There's also a nice gap between the palette and the lid, in case you need some volume of product.
  • Magnetic system:  The strong magnets are what keeps the palette securely gripped to the bottom of the case, keeping it from falling onto the closed lid when it's turned upside down.  You can also add a magnetic shadow (or four!) on the corners of the palette, should you have to fill in an eyebrow or if you want to adjust the intensity of your work throughout the day.